Frequently Asked Questions

Dry Storage

Will my boat be flushed and washed when it gets pulled out of the water?

We always flush the engines and pressure wash the outside of the hull.

Do you have availaibility?

This is almost always the first question we are asked. Please call the Marina Office (813)-645-2288.

Do you allow boats on trailer storage?

We do not. We offer trailer only storage and boat only storage. We do not combine the 2.

How do I go about having my boat launched?

You must callthe Marina Office (813)-645-2288 and make a reservation for your boat to be launched. You may request fuel, bait, & ice at that time.

What do I need to do to be ready to have my boat pulled out of the water and put back in storage?

Make sure your top & antenna are down. Please also make sure your trim tabs are up as we are not liable for them and battery switch off.

What kind of Dry Storage options do I have?

We offer both indoor & outdoor dry storage for most boats. Please call the Marina Office (813)-645-2288 for availability.

Do I have access to my boat after hours?

If your boat is located in the High & Dry, you must call ahead so we can place it outside for you.


How can I rent a slip for the weekend?

Please call the Marina Office (813)-645-2288 for availability as we are very limited on transient slips but we will do our best to accomodate you.

How far in advance can I reserve a slip?

Reservations for slips start within 30 days of arrival.

Wet Slips

Can I access my boat after hours?

Absolutely! Each marina has it's own gate code to allow access to the docks.

What is the average depth on approach of the marina's?

Average depth on approach is 7ft.

What are the average tide swings?

Between 2-3ft.


Where can we fish on property?

The only area you can fish at Little Harbor is at the fishing pier facing Tampa Bay.

Do you sell or provide fishing licenses?

We do not. You can go to to apply for one.

Can I fish in the Marina?

Absolutely no fishing is allowed in either Antigua Cove or Village Marina.

General Boating

Do you rent boats?

We do not rent boats. Little Harbor Watersports is a boat rental company located at Antigua Cove.

In case of an emergency, who can I contact after hours?

If it's a life threatening emergency please call 911. We also appreciate a call to the office.

Do you have on-site mechanics?

Yes, we have our very own certified mechanics. Please call the Marina Office (813)-645-2288 for service inquiries. Thank you.

Do you have a boat ramp?

There is no boat ramp on property here at Little Harbor. The nearest boat ramp is located at E.G. Simmons Regional Park.

What am I required to provide before I bring a boat in?

You are required to provide proof of insurance on your boat prior to arriving. Please contact the office (813)-645-2288 for details.

Where is the Marina Office located?

The Marina Office is located inside the Ship Store at 606 SeaGrape Dr. Ruskin, FL 33570.

What is LOA?

"LOA" means Length Overall. This includes anything sticking off the front and rear of the boat.

Ship Store

Do you sell Live Bait?

Yes we usually have live bait in stock. However it's best to call the Marina Office (813)-645-2288 to see if we have some in.

What kind of fuel do you sell?

We sell 90 Octane Non-Ethanol gas & Diesel. Please call the Marina Office (813)-645-2288 for prices.


I am a contractor, what is required of me to do work at your marina?

You are required to sign in & out before starting ANY work on property. As well as provide proof of insurance. Please contact the Marina Office for details (813)-645-2288

Can I advertise my company at your marina?

For details on this, please call the Marina Office (813)-645-2288